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Just Scotches Top 10 many costly Scotch in the planet

Just Scotches Top 10 many costly Scotch in the planet

The real Guys’s beverage

Monday, January 31, 2011

Have actually you ever wondered, you can buy if you have some spare cash lying around, what would be the most expensive bottle of scotch? Realistically talking, it shall oftimes be a container of Johnnie Walker Gold for my instance. But yourself hanging in the company of Bill Gates and the likes, here are some ridiculously expensive bottles of scotch that might catch your fancy if you find:

10) Chivas Regal Royal Salute, 50 years of age. Price: $10,000

The Chivas Regal 50-year Royal Salute is released in 2003 being a special version to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II 50 years in the throne (coronation day in 1953). Each container includes a hand-engraved 24-carat gold plaque. There have been just 255 containers in the field.

9) The Macallan 1939, 40 years old. Price $10,125

First bottled in 1979, this peaty and whisky that is powerful is sold with dried fresh fresh fruit and sweet toffee tastes had been re-bottled in 2002, and put into McCallan’s Fine and Rare line.

8) Glenfarclas 1955, 50 years of age. Price: $10,878

This whisky, bottled in 2005 precisely fifty years towards the after it was distilled, was hand-picked by George S. Day

Give to celebrate the birth of their ancestor, John Give, who purchased the Glenfarclas distillery back 1865. The whole 110 containers out of stock even before this whisky was launched.

7) Dalmore 50 Yr Old Decanter Cost: $11,000

Bottled in 1978 into just sixty decanters that are crystal. Reputably among the best 50 12 months old whisky ever made, and your own favorite of numerous rich families on the planet.