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Being in a relationship that is polyamorous Me for Monogamy

Being in a relationship that is polyamorous Me for Monogamy

We laughed in their face whenever my then-boyfriend asked me to relocate with him — and his spouse

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We had just learned all about polyamory four months prior, even though things was in fact going great with him and his wife of eight years seemed like a disastrous idea as I dipped my toe in the ethically nonmonogamous pool, the thought of moving in.

Nevertheless, after some convincing, we stated yes. I happened to be 25, in love, and figured I’d nil to lose, aside from the prospect of a heart that is broken.

Eight months later on, we split up amicably whenever I chose to proceed to new york. However in that limited time, I discovered more about myself, my requirements, and my interaction design than I’d in almost any past relationship. It changed just how i believe about all my present relationships, no matter whether these are typically polyamorous (in an enchanting relationship with an increase of than one individual), available (intimate relationships with other people whilst in a committed, connection with anyone), or monogamous (intimately and romantically exclusive to a single individual). I’m what’s now being called that is ambiamorous who’s open to the notion of various types of relationships, according to exactly just exactly exactly what works for me personally and my partner(s).