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Eleven films about any of it is now 36 months since Euromaidan won.

Eleven films about any of it is now 36 months since Euromaidan won.

Screenshot from “the wintertime that changed us” by Babylon’13 and 1+1

90 days of protests in Ukraine’s money that were only available in November 2013 as an opposition to then President Yanukovych’s refusal to signal the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement finished in a massacre of over 100 activists by federal federal government snipers, and also the effective ousting of a corrupt kleptocratic regime. Dubbed “The Revolution of Dignity, ” the general public uprising sent Yanukovych fleeing to Russia together with establishment of a unique, western-oriented federal federal government, and had been accompanied by Russia’s covert intrusion of Crimea and Donbas.

As Ukraine’s challenge for liberty, external and internal, is ongoing, remember the dedication, hopes, and ambitions which drove the Euromaidan protesters to withstand fire that is sniper the assaults of this riot authorities supported by a kleptocratic and authoritarian regime, on the small area of freedom in the middle of Kyiv. Right right Here we provide a selection of videos about Euromaidan which you yourself can watch on the web.

1. Heaven’s Hundred

“Heaven’s Hundred” could be the very very first movie through the number of documentaries “The wintertime that changed us, ” a film task of Babylon’13 and 1+1 production. The term “Heaven’s Hundred” showed up soon after the fighting that is worst on Independence Square and is the 107 protesters killed during the clashes, many having been shot by government snipers. “Hundred” could be the English interpretation of “Sotnia, ” a classic Kozak term determining a division that is military approximately numbered one hundred. The Euromaidan motion ended up being arranged into numerous Sotnias: to begin with, the Self-Defense Sotnias, but additionally A art Sotnia, a clear Sotnia, a Women’s Sotnia etc.